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since the 19th February 2000

[pec] website moved to
11. December 2008

The [pec] website moved from to it's new place in the web:
If there should be any updates in the future, they will be released here!

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New [pec]chu tutorial online
20. March 2004

Windom, a member of our messageboard has done a nice new [pec]chu tutorial on "How can I find 'unknown increasing values', like the values of damage bars... ?". He used Driver 2 Spanish Version (PAL) to do this tutorial, but this system should work in other games too.

If you are interested in this tutorial click here !

Thanks to Windom for his nice work !

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[pec] The Plugin v2.2 released
7. April 2002

I've just finished a new version of [pec] with the following new features :
  • [pec]chu uses Intel's MMX technology now to improve the search speed
  • Added support for a special form of codetype 50 which supported by the GameShark 2.2 and higher.
  • New HotKey added :
    • Ctrl+G
        Open the [pec] Interface to select new cheats.
        This works only if the plugin was installed, using the [pec] Setup, and the [pec] Interface wasn't copied to another directory after the installation.
The bug which force the psx emulator to crash, while using some codetype 50-cheats is fixed now. But still, some codes force the emulation to crash, I think this is related to wrong codes in combination with the emulators emulation.
So, if you found a code, which let the emulator crash. Please mail me, which CODE (not which game) the problem cause.

You can download the new version from the download page.

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[pec] v2.1 *BUGFIXED* released
28. March 2002

In the last 2 days I got many mails from people which had problems with the new [pec] Plugin. It simple wasn't shown the 'Video Configuration' menu of the emulator. This problem was related to a bug (?) in Windows 95/98 (It's easier to say, it's a bug in Windows, than to say it's a bug in my code ... but it's true :-) ).
Whatever, Thomas told me a work-around to fix the problem and it works fine now. So if you had problems, please download it again now. Sorry for that ... but these are a reason why i use Windows 2k, and normally I don't get a chance to test the code in older Windows versions.

Since I've started already with [pec] v2.2 and I don't have the sources of v2.1 anymore, this update has a part of [pec] v2.2 in it.
It's just small :
  • The Byte-'Equal'/'Different'/'Range' compare and a small other part of [pec]chu use MMX code now. This will bring a speed improvment of atleast 200% while using these options.
Get the updated version from the download section.

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[pec] The Plugin v2.1 released
26. March 2002

Ok, a new version of [pec] The Plugin is done.
Not only the plugin is updated, there is also now a setup wizard, so you don't need to handle zip files anymore and a help file, with much more info's than the old readme.
All in all, this is new :

  • [pec] is not zipped anymore, there is a (hopefully) kickass and easy to use setup now
  • There is a HTMLHelp-file now.
  • Codes can be activated via the emulators command line

      This function could be used by other third party tools, to activate codes or if you are too lazy to use the [pec] interface all the time.
      Examples :

        epsxe pec:800A95E60082
        epsxe -nosound pec:800A95E60082800AAE720082 -mouse

      Attention :

        [pec] does not check if the codes are correct, if the codes are buggy, the emu may crash.
        There can't be a space between the address and the value.
        For ePSXe-users : don't make a '-' before 'pec:'

  • New HotKeys added :

    • Ctrl+C

        Shows a window with the currently activated codes useful for the 'command line' option
    • Ctrl+F

        Activate code-execution and force recompilation after each 'code cycle' / Deactivate code-execution.
        The emulator need to support a special function for the 'force recompilation'-support. Only ePSXe v1.5.0 and above support this function currently.

  • [pec]chu -> founded addresses can be directly activated as cheats this make the modification permanently activated.
The database is also updated with codes for some US/Canada games. These games are :
  • Bravo Air Race
  • VR Soccer '96
  • Break Out
  • WCW Backstage Assault
  • Wheel Of Fortune 2nd Edition
  • Broken Sword 2
  • Woody Woodpecker Racing
  • World Destruction League-Thunder Tanks
  • Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 2
  • Wu Tang Clan-Shaolin Style (Beta)
  • Wu Tang Clan-Shaolin Style (Final Beta)

    Ok, that's all ... head over to the download section to get the new version, and have fun. :-)

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    2 Years of [pec] & 700.000 visitors & PCJapan article
    18. March 2002

    2 years and about 700.000 visitors ago, I released the first beta version of [pec]. It was a small, slow and buggy program which enabled you to use GameShark codes with Bleem! & CVGS.
    Now, 2 years later, Bleem! and CVGS are dead (thx Sony) :-( , but [pec] still exist with much more features, like much more cheat codes (the first release had codes for 300 games, the current one for more than 1800 games), support for all Windows-based psx emulators, [pec]chu, hotkey-support, it is much faster than the first release, but still that buggy and damn larger. ;-)

    Thanks for support me over such a long time !

    The japanese computer magazin PC Japan has written a nice article in their April/2002 edition about the psx emulation cheater, CyberPad, ePSXe and all other things related to psx emulation. They even describe how to use an Action Replay module to copy the psx bios from your psx to your pc, how to configure Pete's GPU, SPU and CDR Plugin correctly, how to use Pete's ePSXeCutor, CloneCD and DAEMON Tools.
    So if you life in Japan, you should buy this magazin !

    [pec] The Plugin v2.1 will be released soon.

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    Cheat Database updated
    15. February 2002

    I've just done a small update of the codelist.
    The new added games are :

        360 Racing Competition
        Blaster Master-Blasting Again
        IHRA Drag Racing
        Pooh's Party Game
        Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3


        Warriors Of Might And Magic


        1 ON 1
        Actua IceHockey
        Arc The Lad 2
        Azure Dreams
        Bass Landing
        Batman & Robin
        Ridge Racer Type 4
        Rockman 2
        Rockman 4
        Spectral Force 2
        Street Figher Alpha 3
        WINNING POST 2
        XMEN Vs Street Figther EX Edition
    The new codelist is included in the [pec] archive which you can download from the download section.

    Ok, that's all for now. :-)

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    [pec]chu - Description #2 online
    31. January 2002

    I've just done a new short description on how to find 'known values' with [pec]chu. This Step-By-Step description show you how to increase your points up to 65535 in Grand Theft Auto, but the system for sure works also in many other.

    Check it out here !

    Old Step-By-Step-Instructions :

    How can i find 'unknown values', like the values of health- or damage-bars... ?

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    [pec] The Plugin v2 released
    28. January 2002

    Ok, after the ePSXe release yesterday, I think it's time for a new [pec] The Plugin release. This release has many new features, that's why I decided to call it v2, instead of 1.5. The most important features are the recompilation of the codes, which speed up the execution extremly, the new hot-key functions, the state-pics and last but not least [pec]chu - The Cheat Hacking Unit, which allow you to search for own codes.
    The complete list of all new features is too long, so I've done a extra page for it, which is not available anymore :-P .
    For a short instruction on how to use [pec]chu, check this.
    And to download the new version check the download section.

    btw. [pec]chu is only useful for people who know the GameShark codetypes. If you want to get info's about this, check the GSCCC - Sony Playstation Code Types Page and don't bother me with mails if you don't understand how to use it.

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    WIP Stuff
    24. December 2001

    Problems with the ePSXe's Dynamic Recompilation

    Today I've talked with Calb (one of the ePSXe coders), what the emulator do, if [pec] overwrite executable code, which is already recompiled with ePSXe's Dynamic Recompiler.

    Does ePSXe crash/freeze ? Does it recompile the part again, which is overwritten by [pec] ? Or does it ignore the changes which are done by [pec] and simply use the recompiled code ?

    The answer is :
    hmm, ePSXe ignore it

    That isn't a good news, because I think this is the problem, why some codes doesn't work.
    For example if a cheat code patch executable code to make something workable or whatever, ePSXe simply ignore this.
    The problem is, [pec] (or me) don't know if a code patch the data segment of a game, or the code segment.
    And it's impossible for me to test each code, because I don't have every game (i have less than 5% of the games in the database) and even if i would have all the games it would need months to test each code if it works.

    So, if you have a game and codes which doesn't work this could be your problem.

    We currently try to fix this problem.

    (Dynamic) (Re)compilation in [pec]

    Now a few good news about DynaRec.

    Over the holidays I got/get some spare time, so I decited to work a bit on [pec]. My idea was to make a dynamic recompiler (or compiler, or dynamic compiler, or whatever you want to call it) for [pec].

    It works currently with some codetypes, and this damn fast :

    The old [pec] Plugin need for 1000000 cycles of 3 Codetype-80-GameShark-codes 523 millisecond.

    The new [pec] Plugin need for the same number of cycles only 90 milliseconds.

    That means the new routines are nearly 6 times as fast as the old one. :-)

    Ok, that's all for now.

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    [pec] v1.2b released
    28. October 2001

    hu ? What's up now ? First version 1.4 and now version 1.2 again ?

    Ok, the reason for this release is, many people reported bugs with the current release of [pec], they said it doesn't work correctly and they requested that I readd version v1.2 to the [pec] page, because this version works perfectly. So, if you have problems with [pec] v1.4 try this one.

    For everyone who don't know version v1.2 :
      It support bleem! 1.0-1.5b (all betas, demos and full versions); as well as Connectix Virtual Game Station (PC Version only) 1.3, 1.4, 1.4.1 and 1.4.1 Demo; PSEmu Professional 1.0.20, 1.0.21b and the PSX 0.5.240.

      I've also patched it again so that it works with ePSXe 1.4.0 (The original version worked with ePSXe 1.0.0 and the first patch with v1.0.1).
    Don't expect that [pec] v1.2 is as fast as [pec] v1.4 or has as much features as v1.4.
    Also [pec] v1.2 doesn't support such a big database like [pec] v1.4 do, so I've done 2 codelists. One which is included in the [pec]-zip-archive and contains all games with "few" codes, and a extra codelist which include all "big" games.

    Ok, here are the downloads :

    Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime
    (This file is required by [pec] v1.2, if you don't have it already you NEED to download it.)

    [pec] Version 1.2b

    Extra Codelist with the following games (Sorry, that's not available anymore, because it got lost by changing to the new server)

    PAL :
    Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (German), Wild Arms (German)

    US :
    Breath Of Fire 3, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy IX, Front Mission 3, Legend Of Dragoon, Ogre Battle Saga: Episode 5 L.E., Parasite Eve, Saga Frontier 2, Xenogears

    JAP :
    Fire Pro Wrestling G

    btw. This release don't need the [pec]-GPU-plugin for PSEmu, ePSXe and P©SX.

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    New Page & New Database
    21. October 2001

    Ok, after a big lag of updates here's a new one.

    As you can see I've changed the design of the [pec] page a bit, I've updated all the sections and removed all the useless crap (like the poll). Some sections are still missing, like the Wish List formally known as the Vooting Both, this will be up soon.
    Last but not least I've installed a new Message Board, so if you have questions about [pec] you can ask them there.

    To the old poll :

    The results show me that most people want search functions to generate their own cheat codes, a build-in editor to edit the database themself and support for Caetla- and Action Replay codes.
    Currently we work on the search function (works currently), the built-in editor will follow soon. Just wait for the next release ;-) (Soon doesn't mean within the next few days.)

    But now to the database update.
    It isn't a big update, just 21 US games. But I think it was time to do something on the database. ;-)

    These are the new games :

  • Bombing Islands, The
  • Cyber Sled
  • Dragon Tales-Dragonseek
  • Elmo's Number Journey
  • G-Police
  • Hogs Of War
  • Jarrett & LaBonte Stock Car Racing
  • King Of The Fighters '99
  • Konami's Arcade Classics
  • Land Before Time-Return To The Great Valley
  • Legacy Of Kain 2-Soul Reaver (Beta)
  • Lego Island 2
  • Mega Man X4
  • Mega Man X5
  • Nascar Heat
  • Point Blank 3
  • Pro-Pinball
  • Roswell Conspiracies-Aliens, Myths & Legends
  • Sky Diving Extreme
  • Smurf Racer
  • Virtual Kasparov

    For a complete list of all games which are included in the database, check the database page.
    To download the new database check the download page.

    Ok, that all for now, have fun.

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    [pec] in the press
    13. August 2001

    Iczelion, my co-author of CyberPad, sent me the Thai Edition of the Future Gamer magazine from May 2001. On 2 pages it describe how to use ePSXe to play Final Fantasy 9, how to use [pec] to cheat in Final Fantasy 9 with GameShark codes and how to use Aldo's PECEdit to edit the [pec] Code list.
    If you understand thai, you can read the article on these scan's, just click on them to enlarge them :

    Thanks to Iczelion for this magazin. ;)

    If you've also seen an article about/with [pec] in a computer magazine in your country, it would be cool if you could inform me about that or even better if you could scan this article and send it to me.
    If you are a writer from a magazine and want to write an article for your magazine it would be also cool if you could inform me, because it makes me happy to see the famousness of [pec]. :)


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    [pec] The Plugin + SaveState Pictures in ePSXe
    14. July 2001

    One more feature of the new [pec] version 1.41 :

    I forgot to mention one feature which is already implemented in the new plugin v1.41. This feature is the support of ePSXe's SaveState-picture-GPU-functions.

    Thanks to Alejandro Mahecha for the mail about that :-)

    Also daNIL told me that the VGS support of version 1.41 maybe doesn't work, since nobody mailed me about a problem with VGS i am not sure if this is true.
    If you have a problem with VGS+[pec] v1.41 just wait for the next release. :P

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    [pec] v1.41 released
    12. July 2001

    Ok, it's time for a new version ... isn't it ? :P

    This new version has beside the support for the FPSE v0.9 configurator, also support for Bleem! (The PC version) and VGS (the Windows version).

    To be exact, these are the features of the new version :

    • The FPSE v0.9 Configurator don't crash anymore
    • In v1.4 the user database didn't worked (upps :P ) ... now it should work fine ;)
    • Some other bug fixes
    • This version has Bleem! and Virtual Game Station support ... hopefully :) ... since i use Win2k and both don't work in Win2k, I am not sure if it really works ... if not, just drop me a mail ;)
    • To switch between Plugin and Bleem!/VGS-Version click in the menu on Options -> Interface type

    Ok, that's all for now.

    To download the new version go to the Download-page.

    PS.: Decide yourself if [pec] is the BEST and MOST COMPATIBLE psx emulation cheater !!! :D ... If you think it isn't please let us know that and tell us what we should improved.

    If you have any problems with the Interface please mail daNIL for all other problems mail god or me. ;)

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    [pec] The Plugin - Interface v1.4 released
    14. May 2001

    Like predicted yesterday, here is the new, in Delphi written [pec] The Plugin-Interface.
    This new interface has the following features :
    • Interface now is written in Delphi
    • No need for the annoying Visual Basic Runtime anymore
    • Should be up to 4-20 times faster than the Visual Basic version of the Interface
    • Environment-Settings : Change the GUI like you like it
    • Support for saving last selected games and cheats.
    • Now you can initialize (assign) quantity digits and modifiers at runtime.
      Just doubleclick the cheat with ? sign, and you can assign the modifier value. And of course, all unassigned modifiers will be prompted to assign during cheat activation
    • Added support for Max Normal and Max Reversed Joker commands.
    • Many things i forgot to menition. Just see it yourself.
    The GPU Plugin and the database are still the same as from the last release.

    To download the new version go to the Download-page.

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