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kmjk has written a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), or better a description on how the [pec] database "works", how to add new games to the [pec] database, what modifier codes and joker commands are, and so on.

Since it's well written I release this FAQ on this page, even if I don't support people with problems, with are caused by editing the database.

Ok, here is his FAQ :

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1:27 PM 10/5/02
[pec] CODE FAQ
by kmjk

This was created in response to the numerous "Please Add This" posts on the [pec] boards and, consequently, is for all those people who are having trouble inputting codes for their games in their favorite playstation emulator cheater even After reading the helpfile.

First off, this involves altering the codelist.inf file. You can either: 1) open the file, find where your going to put your game or code (be warned it's a 4MB text file, that's huge) and then do so, 2) download the [pec] Cheat Database Editor and use it instead (it has a nifty Sort function), or 3) a combination of 1 & 2. Or you can also make a new codelist.inf.

01 Legal Things
2.1 Modifier Codes
2.2 Joker Codes
END Acknowledgements and Links

This FAQ is intended solely for personal use. This FAQ may not be plagiarized. Give credit where its due people.

playstation emulator cheater [pec] was written by Jens Duttke and Danil Galimov (aka daNIL). Copyrighted by Jens Duttke.

[pec] Cheat Database Editor was written by Aldo Vargas and he also holds the copyright

First things first, believe it or not this is really pretty easy to do. Got that? OK, good. (It's probably a good idea to copy the codelist.inf, just in case)
Let's get started. This is how a game and\or code entry looks in the codelist.inf file.

#Game Title1#Game ID1
"Code Title
01234567 89AB
#Game Title2#Game ID2

Here another example:
#my game1#SLUS-98765
"Infinite Money
800A38E2 0064

Notice that if your putting a game into the database leave NO spaces in-between the lines, otherwise [pec] will give you an error message and won't start. The Game ID varies depending on what version of the game you have:

Don't worry, if you don't know the ID# just put zeroes. If your games has more than 1 disc, and therefore more than 1 ID# then you can input them together (starting with disc 1 of course) like this: #SLUS-00001#SLUS-00002

You'll notice that [pec] has an abundance of zeroes in the Game IDs, if you know an ID# go to, look in the FAQ section and you'll find a question with a link which lets you submit your number (link is broken, hmmm...maybe if you ask nicely Jens will fix it).

Having problems putting common codes together? You get a folder effect if you include a \ in the Code Title line, like so:
0A123456 7890
0B0B0B0B 0B0B

Now when you look at the [pec] window you see that the codes "Hammer" and "Nail" appear under the "Items" folder. It's pretty useful for games with loads of codes (Front Mission 3 comes to mind).

You can also put notes with you codes by putting a period (.) on the next line after the code.

"Items\Hammer of Doom
0A123456 7890
.This looks COOL!

Now "This looks COOL!" will show in the Notes Box for the code "Hammer of Doom". If your going to use a Note for many codes you can Reference it by using a combination of the percent sign (%) and the (&) and sign.

"my game1#SLUS-98765
.Warning! this code may cause problems
"Infinite Items
12345678 0A8D

NOTE1 "Warnig! This code will cause problems" will now show in the Notes section for the Infinite Items Code. On to modifiers.

2.1 Modifier Codes
Sometimes you have a code which can modify your lives, kill count, etc. By using a question mark or marks (?) you can choose a value.

"Timer Modifier
01020304 ????

This tells [pec] that the value of ???? is between 0000 and FFFF. When you double-click the code you will get a to choose a value. This same rule applies to codes where the ending 1-4 code digit(s) are variable. You can also make a list of the modifiers using the dollar sign ($), you then can choose what you wish to modify to.

"Item 1
01234567 89??
$01 Item A
$02 Item B

If your going to be using that particular list a lot you can put it after the GAME NAME using the and sign (&). Then instead listing the change every time after a code use the percent sign (%) plus the list name. (It's the same process as with Notes.) The codes that need the list then use it.
Here's an example:

#my game1#SLUS-98765
$01 Item A
$02 Item B
"My Inventory\Item 1 Modifier
12345678 FF??

2.2 Joker Codes\Commands
What is a Joker Code you say? Joker Commands (or Codes if you prefer) simply provide the address of where the game saves the joypad-state(s) in the psx memory. This can be used to "map" codes to special hotkeys on the "psx-controller". Ex. 12345678 1234 = X bttn. Say you press L1 and R1 on the "psx-pad" and you have super-speed in GT for example, if you didn't use a Joker Command to do that you would always drive with super-speed and though this would make the game Very Interesting it would most likely be unplayable. If you want more info I highly suggest you read Code Master's "Joker FAQ" at Note that [pec] only has commands for Normal (N) and Reverse (R) Joker Commands. Here's how they look:

N Joker Command R Joker Command
12345678 ???? 87654321 ????

The section sign () is a special character (on a US kb press alt+789 on the numeric keypad, German press shift+3).

END Acknowledgements and Links
Well, hope this FAQ helped. If it didn't, you know where to find me. ^_^

I'd like to thank, in no particular order: Aldo Vargas, for seeing a need and creating the Cheat Database Editor (it speeded things up); big thanks goes out to Jens Duttke and daNIL for taking the time to code [pec] and deciding to keep it free for the masses (woohoo!). Also Jens (again) for some added Joker content.

[pec] website:

Gameshark Code Creators Club

My E-mail:
kmjk000000003 @ comments, corrections, more info always welcome
I only ask that you use FAQ in the subject line

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