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How can I enter my own cheats into [pec] ?

There's a file called user-db.txt in your [pec] directory. It includes all required informations how you can add your own codes to [pec]

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[pec] has, for example, codes for Megaman Legends 2 but not for Megaman Legends. Why ?

I don't even own most games I add to the codelist, I normally add codes which have been requested or which have just been added on popular cheat pages (,,

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Can I send you, requests for games which i want to see in the codelist via mail ?

NO, mails with code requests fly directly in my trash without to get answered.

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Can you send me the new database when you added XXXXXXX to it ?

No, you have to download it yourself.

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I've added cheats for a game to the codelist on my own. Can I send them to you and you'll publish them ?

No, I don't publish codes users send me in general, since I don't know where you took those codes from and neither can I check if they do work.
If you want you can publish them on the messageboard.

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Does [pec] support Caetla-codes (90, B0 ...) ?

Nope, [pec] doesn't support Caetla codes.
But Cosmow developed a code converter for Caetle codes which convert them into normal Gameshark codes, which can be used by [pec] as well.

The programs name is CodeQuest, and you can directly download it here.

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How can I help you to improve [pec] further ?

There're many ways you can help me to make [pec] 'perfect'.
  • It is, for example, very useful when you fill out the form 'Know of a region code [pec] doesn't know of ?' on the mainpage. This means, that you submit a game [pec] didn't recognize after you pressed the CD key in [pec]'s main screen !
  • Or by submitting bug reports, since I'm pretty sure that there's still a large number of bugs in [pec]. :)
  • Or simply mail me suggestions for improvements, ideas for new functions or anything else, that helps me to improve [pec] further more.
  • Of course, I wouldn't hate you for sending me money ... :)
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