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Legal Things

PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. "Sony" is a registered trademark for the Sony Corporation.

GameShark is a registered trademark of InterAct Accessories, Inc.
GameBuster is a registered trademark of Dataflash GmbH.
Pro Action Replay is a registered trademark of Datel.

bleem! and the bleem! logo are trademarks of bleem, inc.
Connectix Virtual Game Station and the Connectix logo are trademarks of Connectix Corporation.

All other trademarks are property of their respective holders.

All cheats in the psx emulation cheater database are copyright by the following pages :

Game Software Code Creators Club
Asian Game Shark Code Centre
The 1st Ultimate Cheating Dome
GameBuster's Paradise (Closed)

If you have problems while using the psx emulation cheater, please contact me BEFORE you contact the emulator developers, the game developers or the operators of the GameShark-Code-Pages.

I don't take any warranty for damage caused to your PC while using this software. Use it at your own risk!

psx emulation cheater aka "[pec]" and "[pec] The Plugin" are copyrights © 1999-2023 by Jens Duttke.

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Copyright © 1999-2023 by Jens Duttke.