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How can i find 'unknown increasing values', like the values of damage bars... ?

This step-by-step description shows how to make a code for no damage in Driver 2 Spanish Version (PAL). This system works for sure in many other games too, like Driver.

1. Start the game in an emulator which support PSEmu Pro GPU Plugins and select don't forget to select as GPU Plugin in it.

There are an empty bar for 'Daños' (Damage), which show your car's current damage (the other empty bar is for 'Policía' (Police), which ). At startup, it's at 0.
2. Press Ctrl+H to open the [pec]chu.

3. Select in 'Search For :', 'Equal Value', in 'Data Type :', 'Char (1 Byte)' and in Value, enter '0', this will initialize the search.

4. Click on 'Search'. You will see the number of the founded addresses above the address-listbox. In my case it found 741662 addresses.

5. Click on 'Resume Emulation' to resume the game.
6. Let the emulation run for an second or two without crashing.

7. Press Ctrl+H to enter the [pec]chu.
8. Select in 'Search For :', 'No Change', because the damage level did not change since the last use of [pec]chu.

9. Click on the 'Continue'-button, this will resume the search. The new number of founded addresses will be decreased, in my case to 725831.

10. Click on 'Resume Emulation' to resume the game.
11. Now crash a wall, a pole or a tree (recommended before crashing a car) and get some damage.

12. Press Ctrl+H to enter the [pec]chu.
13. Now select in 'Search For :', 'Increased', because the damage increased.

14. Click on the 'Continue'-button. The new number of founded addresses will be decreased again.

15. Click on 'Resume Emulation' to resume the game.
16. Go back to step 11 and do the steps, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 that often, till only few addresses (1 to 3 or 4) are left, you can also combine that again with a 'No Change'-search, this may decrease the number of founded addresses faster.

17. The Address-list will now show the founded addresses. To find the correct address, which hold the 'damage-value', select the first address and click on the 'Modify'-button
18. A new, small window will popup which ask for an value. Since you've 'Char (1 Byte)' selected as data type the max. value which you can enter is 255 (in the decimal or FF in the hexadecial system).

19. Enter 0 and press OK.

20. The window will get closed and the memory address will be overwritten with the new value.
21. Click on 'Resume Emulation' and see what happens.
22. And voila ! The damage-bar decreased to zero. If this does not happen press Ctrl+H and modify the other founded values too, because the modified value wasn't the health value.

Now you can click on the 'Copy' button in [pec]chu to copy the founded address to the clipboard.
In my case the founded address was 800D1577.
GameShark codes with a one byte value have the prefix 30, so we need to modify the address to 300D1577, also we need to add the new memory value to it (in hexadecimal). 0 = 00 in hexadecimal.
That means the final GameShark code will be 300D1577 0000 !!!

You can add this code to the user database in [pec] now, or use it with PECEdit or with your real PSX GameShark ... everything is possible ! :-)

Note 1 : If you modify wrong addresses the emulation can abort the emulator.

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